Reviews by Students

"The good thing about this university is that the tuition is reasonable, the class size is not too big, the administrative cares and pays attention to each individual. 

The quality of teachers varies, but overall the teachers are well experienced.  However, some teachers don't have enough patience and rush you into answering the questions. And also instead of encouraging the students, they will constantly tell you how ”bad” you are. 

A psychological experiment done by an educational institute in United States suggests that when students were told how ”good” they are, they actually did better than those students who are told how ”bad” they are. Even if both students started at the same level before the experiment.

In some language schools in other countries, they offer orientation sessions to explain regulations/laws of the city to prevent students from getting into trouble. 

Also, they offer field trips (excursion) around the city or sometimes outside of the city so that students can enjoy their life while they stay.

Overall, this university is a nice place to study and would definitely recommend for those who want to study the Russian language in Vladivostok.

Yoshio Kinoshita

"The university has a large and convenient accommodation housing in which all facilities are provided to students in an appropriate environment for study, exercise and rest, and it is a few minutes away from the university campus. 

Beside its good reputation, FESTFU maintains excellent relationships with its academic members and students based on mutual respect and cooperation.

Shakra Moayyad