Fishery and Aquaculture Institute

Fishery and Aquaculture Institute trains high-qualified specialists for the fishery industry not only of Primorskii region but also for the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

The Institute provides training on the following specialties and directions:

  • Ecology and nature management;
  • Industrial fishery;
  • Water bioresources and aquaculture.

FESTFU is one of the three Russian universities which realizes a training on “Industrial Fishery” direction.

Students of “Industrial Fishery” direction receive a required preparation in field of planning, organization and assessment of economical efficiency in fish industry.

There are two courses of training since 2012:

  • Fishery and water bioresources safety organization;
  • Coastal fishing and aquaculture economies organization;
  • Fishery management.

The Department has 6 lecture laboratories equipped with contemporary devices and equipment and a computer class. Students receive an opportunity to study the basis of nautical science, system and exploitation of fishery facilities, methods of it designing and ways of it building, deck industry devices, fishing facilities practice.

“Industrial Fishery” department jointly collaborates with variety of sea and coastal fishery enterprises, mariculture economies in field of training professionals for working and participation in fishing and cultivation development projects.

FESTFU is the unique Far Eastern institution which trains professionals not only for industrial seafood catching but also for it reproduction – within the “Water bioresources and aquaculture” direction.

3 courses of training are available:

  • Ichthyology
  • Aquaculture
  • Water resources management and fishery protection.

Students’ activity is focused on learning and rational using of water bioresources, implementation of shell fish, crustaceans, weed and other hydrobionts artificial cultivation technologies, protection and regulation of capture level, observance of legal regulations in fishing and also on studying fish diseases and it cure methods.

Scientific Industrial Department of Mariculture (SIDM) is located in Severnaya Creek of Slavyanskii Bay. Here students with help of scientists and SIDM employees realize a complete cycle of artificial reproduction of the Far Eastern sea cucumber; the artificial cultivation technology of Primorskii scallop and Grey sea urchin is completely worked off by SIDM workers.

After having a practical training at mini-plant in Slavyanka settlement FESTFU graduates become unique specialists who are able to reproduce valued seafood cultivation process at their own enterprise.

“Ecology and nature management” bachelor graduates implement their professional skills on natural territorial and natural management economies, in water bioresources monitoring, ecology management and audit.

The Department provides training on “Ecology and nature management” direction on two courses since 2009:

  • Ecology
  • Nature management.

During the academic period students receive fundamental knowledge in ecology, ecological law basics, zoology, botany, physiology, nature management, ecological management and audit, also they get acquainted with the international ecomanagement system EMAS and ISO.

At the end of four-years studying program graduates defend their qualifying paper and get a Bachelor of Ecology degree.