Sailing Training Ship “Pallada”

STS “Pallada” has deserved the name of FESTFU’s pride. Students and cadets of the Nautical Institute and other maritime educational institutions of Far East have sailing practice onboard “Pallada”. Thus they become familiar with the base of professional skills and marine fraternity. 

Vessel was built in 1989 at the shipyard of Gdansk (Poland) by order of Ministry of Fisheries. Glorious history of the sailing-vessel goes back to the 4th of July 1989, when a state flag of Russian Federation was raised on her board. The longest vessel’s staying in the sea was in 1997 – 311 days! “Pallada” has passed 459 893, 8 miles. Pallada has visited 101 ports of 35 countries. 11 785 cadets, students of maritime and fisheries universities not only from the Russian Far East had training course on her board. Moscow, Astrakhan, Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Kostroma, Volgograd – that’s the geography of educational institutions of central and eastern parts of our country which took part in STS Pallada’s voyages. Further more, foreign cadets and students also have an experience of sailing on the vessel. Among them: Mexicans, Arabians, Hollanders, and Vietnamese. Annually sail training ship has 5-6 voyages. Geography of her calls at ports is enormous: Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, United States and many other countries. 

This three-mast sailing-ship was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most swift-sailing vessel in the world, which exceeds a speed of 18 knots. 

Thousands of foreigners visit frigate. STS “Pallada” has won a worldwide fame not only by taking part in international regatta and sailing festivals in Europe, America, Australia and Asia where it always took prizes. In accordance with Governmental Order STS “Pallada” has successfully completed around-the-world journey, dedicated to the 190th anniversary since Russian ships under the command of F. F. Bellinsgauzen and M. P. Lazarev have circumnavigated the globe and to the 50th anniversary since Russian investigation of Antarctica began.  

Around-the-world journey and irreproachably completed governmental task resulted in awarding a commemorative token “Around-the-world journey of STS “Pallada”, 2007-2008”. Thus professionalism of sailors from Primorskiy Region, their courage, skills and ability to bravely overcome all the hardships of sea life were highly praised.  

Continuing the glorious traditions of Russian sailors, ship crew together with cadets and media onboard “Pallada” one more time reminded the world community about the role of Russia in exploitation of oceans and significance of Russian sailing fleet. 

This campaign was aimed at training qualified personnel for fishing fleet in conditions of ocean practice, improving the status of marine and fishing profession, patriotic education of the younger generation in the best naval traditions and demonstration of high achievements of Russian fleet in the history of oceanic researches.  

Russian sailing ship honorably carried the State and St. Andrew’s flags in those parts of the world oceans, which haven’t been visited by our country during the last 30 years. Around-the-world journey promoted piece and strengthened relations between Russia and other countries. 

During 9 months and a half of sailing STS “Pallada” passed 34956 miles in 3 oceans and 23 seas, visited 4 continents, called at 20 ports of 19 countries and crossed the equator twice. In difficult sailing conditions ship’s crew met the targets of cadets’ training: 366 students and cadets from 12 maritime educational institutions of Russia were provided with practice course. All trainees obtained working skills in accordance with their specialties. In addition STS “Pallada” visited a number of ports of Venezuela, Cuba, Fiji Islands and Samoa, where the State Flag of the Russian Federation was seen for the first time. During all this time crew and cadets of “Pallada” were not noticed in a single case of violation in behavior, communication with residents of foreign cities and dealing with sailors of other countries. 

 Professional skills of the ship’s screw were highly praised by the Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery and university administration. By the RF Presidential Edict Pallada’s crew members received state awards for an active participation in around-the-world journey. 

On the 4th of July, 2019 famous Russian sailing ship will celebrate her 30th anniversary. These 30 years have definitely proved that STS “Pallada” successfully copes with her main task – students and cadets training of seafarers’ profession.