Foreign Affairs Department

International cooperation has always been one of the priority goals for the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University. FESTFU actively develops partnership relations with foreign educational institutions and constantly expands the geography of international cooperation. The development of international ties with the leading foreign universities and international organizations of Asia Pacific Region, especially located in China, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore is always at the forefront of FESTFU’s activities.


Foreign Affairs Department currently covers the following areas of interest:

 - Effective development and carrying out joint educational programs for students, arrangement of traineeship for the faculty staff and students;

- Active development of international ties and partnership relations with the Universities of Asia Pacific Region and Former Soviet Republics;

- Participation in international forums, conferences and symposiums;

- Arranging STS Pallada’s participation in the International Tall Ship Festivals and sail training practice for foreign students onboard STS Pallada.


FESTFU successfully operates the Center for Language and Culture of the Asia Pacific Region and Central Asia where everyone interested can take language courses and participate in mass cultural events. One of the main Center’s activities is occupational guidance for prospective students with the purpose of bringing their attention to international educational programs and foreign language courses at FESTFU.

Furthermore FESTFU arranges Russian language courses for foreigners of all age groups.

Required documents:

The copy of passport;

Courses duration: 1 month – 2 years;

Upon the courses completion participants will be able to:

-        pass State Russian Proficiency Test: basic, 1st and 2nd certificate level:

-        pass complex test of the Russian language, history and legislation in order to get work permit, residence permit etc.


Foreign Affairs Department

Address: office 327, 330, 52 B Lugovaya Str., Vladivostok 690087,

RussiaTel/Fax: +7(423)244-19128; +7(423)244-05-52

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Anastasia Zaytseva - Foreign Affairs Dept. Head

Tel/fax: +7(423)244-19128; 

Olga Tishchenko - Foreign Affairs Dept. Deputy Head

Tel: +7(423)244-05-52

Romanyuk Vera - Senior Specialist

Tel: +7(423)244-19-28

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Centre for Culture and Languages of Asia Pacific Region and Central Asia 

Natalia Khochenkova - Director

Tel: +7(423)244-19-28

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