The Institute of Food Production

The Institute of Food Production provides a training of technologists, engineers and quality experts for food industry enterprises.

Graduates secure all cycle of food production from design of new products and technology processes to the sales of finished commodities which are maximum healthy and safe for consumers and at the same time are advantageous for manufacturers.


The Institute provides an education on the following directions:

  • Standardization and metrology
  • Biotechnology
  • Foodstuffs of plant raw origin
  • Foodstuffs of zoogenic origin
  • Refrigerating, cryogenic engineering and life support systems
  • Technological machines and engineering


Laboratory, scientific and production base of the Institute provides realization of various chemical technological researches of edible raw materials, production processes and finished commodities. FESTFU Training Production Technological Centre helps students to use modern computers, training laboratory centre, laboratory production complex with unique simulators for practical learning and also to get practical experience.

Graduates of direction “Biotechnology” apply the following skills in their professional activity: research, receiving and using of ferments, micro-organisms, cell cultures in production of bioactive substance, bioactive additives and foodstuffs with high biological and nutritional value.

Graduates of direction “Foodstuffs of plant raw origin” can apply their skills if field of plant raw processing, development of new technologies and its’ introduction to manufacturing. Training is realized according to the program “Bread, confectionary and pasta technology”.


The field of professional activity for graduates of “Foodstuffs of zoogenic origin” is organization of technological processes for high-quality fish, meat and milk goods. Fundamental and special knowledge allows graduates to orient successfully on the market

The direction includes 3 courses:

  • Foodstuffs of water biological resources origin,
  • Meat and meat products technology,
  • Fish and fish products technology.

Graduates of direction “Standardization and metrology” can apply their professional skills in the following fields: development of norms, regulations, requirements and characteristics for products and it’ manufacture processes and also it implementation control in order to provide high quality and safety of food products. The education is realized on 2 courses:

  • State control (supervision) in field of technical regulation and metrology,
  • Standardization and certification (in a food industry).

Graduates of direction “Technological machines and engineering” become specialists in calculation, designing and exploitation of machines and devices in food industry. They work as engineers at processing enterprises of food and fish industry, at repair and machine-building plants and scientific research institutes. There is only one course to study:

  • Machines and devices of food industries.

FESTFU is the only university of the Far East and Siberia which provides an education on unique and required direction called “Refrigerating cryogenic engineering and life support systems”. Graduates of this direction become members of fish fleet crew, they work as refrigeration mechanics and also actively work ashore as heads of compression workshops.

The direction includes 2 courses:

  • Refrigerating equipment and technologies,
  • Climate engineering and life support systems.