International Institute

International Institute prepares highly qualified professionals of international standing who are fluent in Chinese language.

During its existence International Institute has prepared more than 300 specialists for fishing, food and economic branches; number of students has increased from 90 to 600 people and place of origin of the students coming to study in it has changed: studying in International Institute is now a choice for young people from all over the Far Eastern territory of Russia.

For the last 14 years International Institute cooperates in the field of education and science with North-East Agricultural University (Harbin city),Dalian “Neusoft” university of information (Dalian city), Dalian Fisheries University (Dalian city) and Changchun University (Changchun city), Changchun Science and Technology University (Changchun).

International institute implements a unique program 2,5+2,5: In the first semester, students become acquainted with higher education school, study general professional disciplines and begin to learn the basics of the Chinese language. Later on, students are sent to study at one of the partner universities, where for 2.5 years they learn Chinese language and the basics of the profession. At fourth year students come back and continue their study in the chosen direction at FESTFU. University graduates receive two diplomas of higher education: diplomas of Russian and Chinese universities as well as certificate of proficiency in Chinese language-HSK.  

          Positive experience of implementing those education programs is a solid foundation for the development of other forms of international activities of FESTFU: collaborative researches, sports and cultural exchanges, exchange of students and teachers.

The uniqueness of international education at FESTFU is that our students in addition to the good language training also receive a bachelor degree in one of the following specialties.


          Major: World economics; Information and communication technologies in the economy


          Major: International management, Production management;

          Water Bioresources and Aquiculture

          Major: Aquiculture;

          Industrial fisheries

          Major: Management of fisheries and protection of marine biological  


          Foodstuffs of animal origin

          Major: Technology of meat and processed meat.


The implementation of the program from the Russian side is done by five training institutes and 29 departments of the university, including a specially designed department "Russian as a foreign language." Lectures, seminars, practical studies, laboratory sessions and other kinds of educational and methodical work with foreign students are conducted by highly-qualified academic staff. Special publication of educational materials for foreign students is provided. Research and scientific work with foreign students is organized

Graduates of International Institute are in demand in different enterprises which conduct its business with China. Due to the knowledge of Chinese language and professional skills graduates are able to successfully integrate into Russian and Asia Pacific Region countries’ economy.


Chinese universities-partners:


North-East Agricultural University (Harbin city)


It was found in 1948. It includes 8 colleges, 4 department, 4 faculties in fundamental disciplines, 9 research laboratories, Scientific and Educational center of basic sciences, Department of food engineering research center, a Russian Educational Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. University prepares bachelors, masters and doctors, conducts training courses for professors, associate professors and heads of doctoral programs.


Dalian Fisheries University (Dalian city)


It was found in 1952; currently University offers a wide range of educational programs including short-term language courses. There are 10 institutions, 3 faculties, graduate school, library, numerous sports and recreation grounds in the  University.

Dalian “Neusoft” university of information (Dalian city)

It was found in 2000; University provides a comprehensive higher education in the field of information technologies. Along with higher professional education institute offers a course of learning Chinese as a foreign language.

Changchun University (Changchun city)


Changchun University is a large state university which prepares wide range experts. Today University works closely with 36 institutions from 11 countries such as: USA, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Great Britain and Russian Federation.


Changchun Science and Technology University (Changchun)
University was founded in 1951. Currently, the university has 46 specialties, 11,000 students and more than 500 faculty staff members. Campus covers an area of ​​720,000 square meters.

The University attaches great importance to international cooperation and international exchanges with 14 universities of Korea, Russia, the United States and other countries.