FESTFU hosts the Primorsky Territory Volleyball Championship among girls

On March 10, games of the Primorsky Territory Volleyball Championship among girls born in 2004-2005 will start in Vladivostok. This year, the sports hall of FESTFU was chosen as the venue for the competition.

Teams from Nakhodka, Ussuriysk, Fokino, Bolshoy Kamen, and the village of Chernigovka will come to compete for the title of champions. Vladivostok in this championship will be represented by residents of FESTFU  - the youth volleyball team "Primorochka-2".

The competition will be held according to the round-robin system for determining the winner, which means that the audience will be able to watch the confrontation with each other of each of the teams.

The event is traditionally organized by the Primorsky Regional Volleyball Federation with the organizational support of the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University.

Students of the FESTFU will also be able to watch the games of the athletes live. All games of the tournament will be held in the gym of FESTFU. The match schedule is shown below. Come and cheer for ours!

March 10 (Thursday)

16-00 Ussuriysk - Nakhodka

17-30 Fokino - Chernigovka

19-00 B. Kamen - Vladivostok

March 11 (Friday)

16-00 Ussuriysk - B. Kamen

17-30 Chernigovka - Vladivostok

19-00 Nakhodka - Fokino

March 12 (Saturday)

10-00 Chernigovka - B.Kamen

11-30 Vladivostok - Nakhodka

13-00 Ussuriysk - Fokino

14-30 B. Kamen - Nakhodka

16-00 Ussuriysk - Chernigovka

17-30 Vladivostok - Fokino

March 13 (Sunday)

10-00 Fokino - B. Kamen

11-30 Nakhodka - Chernigovka

13-00 Vladivostok - Ussuriysk

14-30 Rewarding