We are in the semifinals!

In the MLBL Superfinal, held in Sevastopol, the elimination games of the MLBL Superfinal in basketball among women's teams have started. In the quarter-finals, the women's team of Dalrybvtuz met with "Gvardia" from Tyumen. The big gap in the score, which our girls reached in the first quarter (20: 6), somewhat lulled their vigilance and allowed their rivals to reduce the distance by 11 points in the next two ten minutes. This was also facilitated by the excessive enthusiasm of the basketball players of Dalrybvtuz for individual play. Having made the necessary conclusions in time, our girls set up team interaction and did not leave any chances to their rivals in the last quarter, having won it with a score of 25:12. The final score of the game - 73:49 reflected the complete superiority of our team in this fight.

Now we are waiting for the semifinals with the Moscow team "Mail.RU", which we already beat in the group stage.

We wish the girls to repeat their success and reach the final! We cheer for ours!