The International Institute holds an exhibition of drawings among students

The directorate of International Institute was inspired to create the exhibition by a student from Taiwan Huang-Tz-Shiyuan, who is fond of drawing and maintains an appropriate profile on social networks, where she shares her works with subscribers. 

Having got acquainted with the work of a foreign student, the teachers of the Institute's directorate had an idea to create an exhibition. News of the exhibition quickly spread among the students of the International Institute. Moreover, some students decided to take part in a creative project and brought their works. 

A specific theme of the exhibition was not set, but mainly the oriental theme prevails. This suggests that the teachers and students of the International Institute miss foreign students who are forced to study in a distance format. 

You can get acquainted with the works of students and vote for the drawing you like in the lobby of the third floor of Building B (52 Lugovaya St.). Based on the voting results, the winner will be awarded the Audience Choice Award.