FESTFU holds national competition "Young Professionals" WorldSkills Russia in fisheries competencies

FESTFU holds all-Russian competition "Young Professionals" WorldSkills Russia in fish competencies

On April 12, the first qualifying national championship according to WorldSkills standards in the competencies of the fishery industry: "Processing of aquatic biological resources" and "Cultivation of fish seed and marketable fish" started.

Among the participants of the Championship, there were 2-3 year students of secondary vocational educational institutions from Primorsky Territory, Astrakhan, Kaliningrad Regions, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, as well as from St. Petersburg and Moscow Region and Kamchatka Territory.

According to Inna Titova, the chief expert of the competence "Processing of aquatic biological resources", it is no coincidence that Primorsky Territory was chosen as a platform for all regions meeting:

“The Far East has 70% of fish production volumes, a very worthy place for these competencies. Primorsky Territory is a wonderful land. As for fish processing, this is the central place”, - Inna Makarovna shared her impressions.

It should be noted that the competition was held in real production conditions.

Each module corresponds to the educational process, and provides practice-oriented training in the areas in which they will then work in the future. In addition, the modules cover the main types of products that are made from fish: chilled, frozen, salted preserves, smoked, canned food and culinary products, in other words, a wide range of products. Each model will be useful for competitors in their professional activities.

The most enthusiastic and talented students gathered at the Championship, here they expand their level of competencies, qualifications and get interested in the profession.

It became possible to create a consolidated professional base for them with the help of joint efforts of the members of the Pacific Consortium of fisheries organizations, without whose support the Championship in the Primorsky Territory would not have been possible.

Fact sheet: Young Professionals Union (WorldSkills Russia) is the official operator of the international non-profit movement WorldSkills International, whose mission is to raise the standards of personnel training. The first championships were held with the aim of popularizing vocational professions and increasing their prestige. Today it is an effective tool for training personnel in accordance with international standards and the needs of new high-tech industries.

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