Dual Degree is one of the most relevant areas for the higher education development

The University offers a unique joint program for the training of internationally recognized bachelors with knowledge of the Chinese language, who are able to successfully integrate into the economy of Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.


Dual Degree Programs are aimed at training highly qualified personnel for work in the international sphere, increasing student mobility, adaptation of young specialists not only in the Russian but also in the international labor market. Graduates of the International Institute of FESTFU have professional skills that open the doors of analytical and scientific centers, national administrations, commercial structures, consulting and stevedore companies, fisheries associations and fisheries conservation institutions, international organizations.


Joint study programs with leading universities of China allow our students to receive a modern world-class education and, as a result of successful defense, receive diplomas of two educational institutions at once: FESTFU - the leading industry university in Russia, and one of our foreign partner universities.


Graduates of International Joint Programs have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of foreign languages ​​at a completely different level and, based on the results of their studies in China, receive HSK certificate of knowledge of the Chinese language. The HSK test results are a government-issued document of the Ministry of Education of the PRC, are considered a unified form of certification and are recognized by universities and companies around the world.


Benefits and opportunities of joint programs:

 - Unique experience of communication and living in a different cultural environment;

- The acquisition of skills of fluency in a foreign language, both at the household level and in business communication;

 - The possibility of further education in the Graduate School in Russia and abroad;

- Practice (internship) in successful Russian and foreign companies, both during and after training;

 - Competitive advantages in the labor market, both in Russia and abroad.

A dual degree is a dual intellectual activity that will always keep your mind in good shape! 

For reference: The International Institute was founded on November 15, 2004 by the decision of the Academic Council of FESTFU on the basis of the International Faculty, which was organized in 1999. Five educational institutes and 29 departments of FESTFU take part in the implementation of joint program, including a specially created department of "Russian as a foreign language". Highly professional teaching staff carry out lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory classes, practice, and other types of educational and methodological work with foreign students.