Take care of your health - follow the rules

The Administration of Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights for Primorsky Krai reminds that influenza viruses and coronavirus infection cause respiratory diseases of varying severity in humans. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you must observe personal hygiene and consult a doctor once you got the first symptoms of the disease.

Mainly airborne droplets transmit the causative agents of influenza, coronavirus infection and other acute respiratory viral infections. Children and the elderly people are particularly hard to tolerate the infection. You might reduce the risk of infection or further spread of the virus by following simple rules.

How not to be infected:

1. Wash your hands after visiting public places, transport, touching handle of a door, money, office equipment in the workplace, before eating and cooking;

2. Touch your face and eyes only with clean hands; 

3. Wear a disposable medical mask in public places and when taking public transport. Change the mask to a new one every 2-3 hours; you cannot reuse the mask;

4. Try to air the room more often;

5. Avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of the disease;

6. Don't use another person's personal hygiene items 

7. Live a healthy lifestyle.

How not to infect people around you:

1. Minimize contact with healthy people;

2. If you feel unwell, but have to communicate with other people or use public transport - use a disposable mask, be sure to change it to a new one every hour;

3. When coughing or sneezing, be sure to cover your mouth, if possible, with a disposable handkerchief, if not, with your elbow;

4. Use only personal or disposable tableware;

5. Carry out wet cleaning of the house every day, including sanitization of door handles, switches, and office equipment.

Remember: at the first signs of a viral infection, you must immediately consult a doctor! 

Up-to-date information on preventing the spread of coronavirus infection on the territory of the University is available in the section «COVID-19».